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The Macomb County Law Library is dedicated to the memory of the Hon. James C. Daner. Judge Daner served as a judge of the Macomb County Circuit Court from 1979 to 1985. He was often referred to as a lawyer's lawyer and a lawyer's judge. Judge Daner dedicated his life to the law and encouraged excellence and professionalism in all who practiced before him. The Macomb County Law Library was named in Judge Daner's honor on August 29, 1985 by the Macomb County Board of Commissioners and was dedicated by the Macomb County Bar Association on June 23, 1997.

The Research Department for the Macomb County Circuit Court is housed in the Law Library.


The library is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. It is closed on most federal holidays.

Research Assistance

Reference and research services are offered only to the Macomb County judiciary. The staff of the Research Department will be happy to direct other patrons to materials appropriate to their inquiries but will be unable to provide detailed assistance or instruction in legal research. The staff of the Research Department is restricted by law from giving legal advice to library patrons.

For a low cost consultation with an attorney, contact the Macomb County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service at (586) 468-8300.  The MCBA business number is (586) 468-2940.

Circulation of Materials

A law library differs from other types of libraries in at least one important htmect. It is primarily a reference library where the entire working collection must remain intact if meaningful research is to be accomplished. In order to serve the majority of users, the library collection is "For Reference Only." All materials are for library use only. Pursuant to MCL 750.364; MSA 28.596, it is a misdemeanor to remove any material from the law library.


We request that you reshelve all books when you have finished using them. As we have no library staff, it is the responsibility of each and every patron to maintain the library in an efficient manner. Please be considerate of other people's needs.

Internet Access/Computer Research

Currently, we are unable to provide any public access to the Internet. We are also unable to provide any terminals for computer-assisted legal research.


There are no telephones available in the law library. Public pay telephones are available on all floors of the courthouse except the 5th Floor. Telephone messages will only be taken in the event of an emergency.

Copy Machine

A copy machine is available in the law library. Copies are 25 cents each. A dollar bill changer is available. If the copy machine is jammed or needs more paper, please seek the assistance of a member of the Research Department staff.


Smoking is not permitted in the Macomb County Courthouse.


The law library has a complete working collection of American law materials. These materials include: federal, regional, and state reports, digests for these reports, federal and state statutes and codes, Shepard's citators, loose-leaf services, legal encyclopedias, directories and treatises on legal subjects, dictionaries, and legal newspapers. A complete listing of our collection will be available soon.

File Room Collection

A separate reference collection is housed in the File Room, which is located near the entrance to the law library. The materials contained in this collection are primarily legal publications of the Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE). The slip opinions for the Michigan Court of Appeals are also housed in this area. In addition, the legal newspapers to which we subscribe are in this area.

A complete list of all materials housed in the File Room is posted outside its door. Please ask a member of the Research Department if you need access to the material in the File Room.


The law library subscribes to the following legal newspapers:

Macomb County Legal News
Michigan Lawyers Weekly

Michigan Bar Journal

A limited collection of the Michigan Bar Journal is maintained in the law library. This collection consists of the current year's editions of the journal as well as the editions from the past five years. Please see the Chief Research Attorney for access to this.

Out-of-Date Materials

Some of the holdings in the library are outdated but are maintained as leads to other research. These books are marked with a sticker. Please be sure to cite check any information in these books to ensure it is still an accurate statement of the law.


How to Find Library Materials

As you enter the law library, you will first encounter the regional reporters. These are followed by the federal collection and publications such as the digests, American Law Reports, American Jurisprudence and Corpus Juris Secundum. Form books, legal treatises, and Martindale Hubbell precede the collection of materials relevant to researching Michigan law. A diagram is attached to this Handbook which shows the location of these materials.

Regional Reporters

The regional reporters contain state supreme and appellate court decisions. The sets are not arranged in any particular order. Included in this section of the library is the California Reporter and California Reporter, 2nd as well as New York Supplement and New York Supplement, 2nd. Shepard's citators are located at the end of each set to which they refer.

Federal Materials

This section includes the United States Code Congressional and Administrative News, the Federal Register, United States Code Service, and the Code of Federal Regulations. United States Supreme Court decisions are published in the US Supreme Court Reports, Lawyers' Edition. United States appellate court decisions are published in the Federal Reporter and United States district court decisions are in the Federal Supplement. The Federal Practice Digest provides subject access to all levels of federal courts. In addition, our collection includes ALR Federal as well as Federal Practice and Procedure and form books for use in federal courts. Shepard's federal citators are grouped together and located nearby.

American Digest System (Decennials)

This set, which is current, digests both federal and state cases.

American Law Reports

Currently, we have ALR 3rd, ALR 4th, and ALR 5th as well as ALR Federal. These volumes contain annotations of selected cases from state and federal appellate courts.

American Jurisprudence and Corpus Juris

Both of these publications are maintained in the law library.

Topical Publications

There are a variety of legal publications on various areas of the law. These publications cover topics such as domestic law, workers compensation opinions, Medicare issues, criminal defense, oral advocacy, insurance law, tort law, real property law, and probate issues.

Michigan Reports and Statutes

This material is arranged nearest the tables and study carrels. Included in this collection are the Michigan statutes and code, case reporters, digests, jury instructions, court rules, attorney general opinions, and form books. ICLE publications, which discuss various areas of Michigan law, are located in a separate collection housed in the File Room.

Other Materials

The Bankruptcy Reporter and Digest, Uniform Laws Annotated, Uniform Commercial Code Reporting Service, Restatements of the Law, Martindale-Hubbell legal directory, Words and Phrases, Proof of Facts, and various form books are some of the other publications that are maintained in the law library.


Macomb County Library

The Macomb County Library also maintains a collection of legal publications. In addition, the library has computer terminals with access to the Internet. Reference librarians are available to assist library patrons with the use of the materials.

The Macomb County Library is located at 16840 Hall Road in Clinton Township, near the intersection of Garfield and Hall roads. The library telephone number is (586) 286-6660 and it is open Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, Friday and Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Sunday (September through May) from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.



We welcome suggestions to improve our collection of law-related material. Please direct your comments to the Chief Research Attorney.


Law Library Floor Plan


1. File Room Collection

2. Regional Reporters and Shepard's Citations

South Eastern
South Western
North Western
North Eastern

3. California Reporter and Shepard's Citations

4. New York Supplement and Shepard's Citations

5. Dictionaries

6. Federal Supplement

7. Federal Reporter

8. Federal Shepard's Citations

9. United States Supreme Court Decisions and United States Digest

10. United States Code Service

11.US Code and Congressional News

12. Federal Collection

13. Federal Rules and Decisions

14. Bankruptcy Law collection

15. Dicennial Digests

16. American Law Reports

17. Legal Encyclopedias

American Jurisprudence
Corpus Juris Secundum
Words and Phrases

18. Forms

AmJur Proof of Facts
AmJur Legal Forms
American Jurisprudence Pleading and Practice
AmJur Trials
Nichols Cyclopedia of Legal Forms
Municipal Legal Forms

19. Treatises and Texts

20. Uniform Laws Annotated

21. Restatements of the Law

22. Criminal Law collection

23. Martindale-Hubbell

24. Evidence collection

25. Family Law collection

26. Michigan collection

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