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Heritage Alliance

Heritage Alliance

Historical Commissioners Chairman
Raymond G. Glime


Vice Chair
Alan Naldrett


Suzanne Pixley


Kathy D. Vosburg

Michael A. Boyle
John Emerson
Donald W. Green
Marian Lynch
Karl Mark Pall


Staff Liaisons
Cynthia S. Donahue
Camille A. Silda

The Heritage Alliance of Macomb County is a consortium of the local historical groups of Macomb County. It was organized in 1996 by Pat Hallman and Madeline Page.  It is one of the few organizations of local history groups.  A brief history of the Heritage Alliance is here: http://www.macombhistory.org/historytales.htm#HeritageAlliance


One of the ongoing programs of the Heritage Alliance is the patch program. The patches give credit to local groups who visit the county’s historical resources. Each historical group in Macomb County participating in the program will have a patch unique to that group.  Options include awarding of the patch in accordance with Girl Scout and Boy Scout patch requirements.


Chesterfield Historical Village

The Chesterfield Historical Society patch


The 2014 meeting of the Heritage Alliance will be on a Saturday in April, at the Michigan Military Museum in Eastpointe with more details given here as they transpire.

Besides historical groups based on a particular area, such as the Ray Township or Chesterfield Historical Societies, the Heritage Alliance also includes groups such as the Michigan Military Technical & Historical Society, hosting the alliance meeting in 2014, and the Simpson Park Camp Meeting Grounds (established 1865), who will host in 2015.


Macomb County has a wealth of historical resources. If you have a question regarding the history of the county, e-mail it to macombhistory@yahoo.com . If we can’t answer your query, we will try to refer you to someone who can.  A special thanks to everyone who has helped with the questions!  A great amount of questions have been answered in excellent detail by County Historian Cindy Donahue and Mt. Clemens Public Library Asst. Director Debby Larsen. If you have historical expertise in a particular area of our local history, or historical pictures, please e-mail us at macombhistory@yahoo.com.


Eastpointe Mayor Suzanne Pixley has released a book about the Legendary Locals of Eastpointe.



Mt. Clemens Library Asst. Director Deborah J. Larsen has written a book titled Legendary Locals of Mt. Clemens.  According to the publisher, Judge Christian Clemens founded Mount Clemens in 1818 and established it as the seat of justice for Macomb County when Michigan was yet a territory. While the town prospered on the strength of its strategic location on the Clinton River and proximity to Lake St. Clair, it was the mineral water beneath the citizens’ feet that would propel Mount Clemens to national prominence as a health resort. As it grew, the “Bath City of America” attracted the likes of stage actress Sadie Hasson, the Nelson family of circus performers, and baseball all-star Vic Wertz. Numerous visitors who came seeking a cure—or to find work in the hospitality industry—stayed to call Mount Clemens home, adding their own peculiar brand of warp and weft to the town’s rich historical tapestry.  Ms. Larsen also wrote the book Selfridge Field pictured below.

Mount ClemensSelfridge Field                      


Washington Township residents Bob and Cherie Allen have written a few books about the area.The authors have researched Macomb County in the Civil War for over ten years and wrote Macomb County Civil War Footprints. They previously wrote The Andrus Family: A Pioneer Family of Washington Township, Michigan, and A “Guest” of the Confederacy. These books are available from the authors and may be purchased by calling (586) 781-4375.



Local authors Bob and Cherie Allen of Washington Twp.

 Local authors Bob and Cherie Allen of Washington Twp. 


Other recently published books about the Macomb County area include the Arcadia series “Images of America” which includes recent books about Fraser, New Baltimore, the Richmond Area, as well as Chesterfield and Shelby Townships.

FraserShelby TownshipNew Baltimore


ChesterfieldRichmond Area




In previous years Arcadia has published books focusing on Eastpointe, Harrison Township, Mt. Clemens, Romeo, Selfridge Field, St. Clair Shores, Sterling Township (now Sterling Hts.), and the St. Clair River. These local history books are available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and most of the local historical societies, as well as the local libraries. Many of these books, especially when purchased through the local historical society, will return a large portion of the proceeds to the local historical society.


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Easy to Remember Website Address: This website is now available at the shortcut www.macombhistory.org. It is also still available by going to the Macomb County site and clicking on History.



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