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Macomb County Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) Update


Macomb County has successfully completed the first phase of neighborhood stabilization resulting in nearly $9.8 million for projects that directly address foreclosure issues in our communities or that will enhance neighborhood stability.  These plans were found to be in conformity with requirements of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008. 

Addressing foreclosed homes was tackled in a two-pronged approach: 

  • County-administered programs resulted in the sale and rehabilitation of 40 foreclosed homes to eligible families.  A majority of these properties are in the targeted communities of Center Line, Eastpointe and Mount Clemens.
  • Developer-administered programs -- managed by Macomb Habitat for Humanity, Home Renewal Systems and UC Redevelopments -- enabled developers to competitively acquire, rehabilitate and then sell 17 homes in the targeted communities to very-low-income buyers.  These homes are in varying stages of redevelopment.  However, under federal rules, all must be sold by March 19, 2013.   

The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 also allows for non-housing related redevelopment, provided it occurs in a targeted area.  In all, seven projects have been approved:  

  • Complete reconstruction of Harding Street in Center Line at a cost of $498,640.  Work will begin next spring.
  • A commercial corridor improvement along Van Dyke in Center Line will transform the appearance through the installation of decorative and energy-efficient lighting at a cost of $324,241.
  • Kellwood Elementary School in Eastpointe has been purchased and demolished to make room for the construction of new affordable senior housing at a cost of approximately $300,000.
  • Oakwood Middle School in Eastpointe has been purchased and will be repurposed to make room for additional affordable senior housing at a program cost of $405,000.
  • Eastpointe’s Kennedy Park will undergo significant redevelopment through the demolition of obsolete and deteriorating structures and replacement with new parking, restrooms and a skateboard park.  Total project cost is just under $734,000.
  • The City of Mount Clemens is in the process of purchasing several blighted and vacant residential buildings that will be demolished.  The acquired property will become part of Clemens Park, situated just north of the City’s downtown east of Gratiot Avenue.  This project will cost $135,000 and will expand recreational opportunities for neighborhood residents while removing a serious and highly visible blight problem in the City.
  • The Oakland University Anton/Frankel educational center in downtown Mount Clemens will be substantially renovated with almost $1.6m in NSP funding.  The campus will offer upper division courses to County residents as well as educational outreach programs to residents not likely to otherwise consider a university education as something within reach. 

The targeted use of NSP funds has resulted in visible improvements in housing, road, recreational and safety conditions in several Macomb County communities, and will go a long way toward enhancing the quality of life for many County residents.



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