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school busFREE Hearing and Vision Screenings for Incoming Kindergarteners


The Macomb County Health Department Hearing and Vision Program is conducting hearing and vision screenings for incoming Kindergarteners at various locations and dates from March to May.  If your child has not been screened in preschool, please call (586) 412-5945 for an appointment.  SCREENINGS ARE DONE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.


Take advantage of this free service now, so your child will be prepared for entrance into Kindergarten prior to the first day of school, as mandated by the Michigan Public Health Code (Act 368 or 1978.)


MCHD Hearing and Vision Program





Pertussis in Macomb County


Pertussis is a respiratory illness that starts out very similar to the common cold (runny nose, sneezing, coughing)  but, progresses to include severe coughing.  Infants and young children cough so hard, they are forced to inhale with a "whooping sound." 


Over the last several years, there has been a spike in pertussis cases, and infants and young children are most likely to be hospitalized with complications from pertussis. 


The best way to prevent pertussis is to get vaccinated and to get infants and young children vaccinated on time and to get adults and teens a booster.


For more information on pertussis, visit the links listed below.


MCHD Communicable Disease


MCHD Immunization Clinic




Southeast Health Center New Immunization Clinic Schedule Effective January 2, 2013


Beginning January 2nd, the Immunization Clinic at the Southeast Health Center (SEHC) will be open on:

Mondays: 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM

Tuesdays: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Fridays: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM


There will be NO clinic hours on Wednesdays or Thursdays at the SEHC. 


Clinic days and hours at the Mount Clemens and Warren offices are NOT affected by these changes. 




2014 Starting School Guide


Starting School The 2014 Starting School Guide is now available for download.  In addition to tips and suggestions to prepare your children for Kindergarten, the booklet includes information on required immunizations, vision and hearing screenings, and MCHD immunization clinic locations.


Starting School Guide


School Immunization Program




Public Health Emergencies


Public Health EmergenciesDisease epidemics or pandemics, large-scale incidents of food or water contamination, extended periods without adequate water and sewer services, harmful exposure to chemical, radiological or biological agents.


The Emergency Preparedness Program encourages all residents to have an emergency supply kit, an emergency plan, and to be informed about the different emergencies that can happen in their area.


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Join the Macomb County Health Department Medical Reserve Corps to support the Health Department and Animal Shelter throughout the year. 

Medical and non-medical volunteers are needed!  Volunteers will train to become a valuable resource during County-wide emergencies.



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Macomb County Animal Shelter


Animal ShelterThe Macomb County Health Department operates the county's animal shelter. Services include pet adoptions, lost and found for pets, animal cruelty investigations, dog licensing, animal bite reports, and rescue services for wildlife and domestic animals.


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Seasonal Flu Vaccine:

It's Not Too Late to Vaccinate!



Flu cases are starting to rise in the area and it's not too late to get a seasonal flu vaccine. The seasonal flu vaccine protects against 3 or 4 flu viruses - including H1N1 - which is causing the majority of severe flu cases. 


Severe illnesses requiring hospitalizations and death are being reported in young and middle aged adults this season, which is unusual for a typical flu season.  Each of the three health centers has ample supply of the seasonal flu vaccine. 


For more information on the season flu vaccine, or to find a clinic near you, visit one of the following web pages:


Seasonal Flu Information


Seasonal Flu Clinic Schedule


Seasonal Flu Vaccine Information for Healthcare Providers




Don't Let Bed Bugs Bite


Bed Bug Bed bugs are making a resurgence in the United States.  Bed bugs are often carried into a home on furniture or clothing, or in luggage from a recent trip.  They can be found in the creases, seams or folds of mattresses or under chairs, cushions, rugs or beds.  For more information on preventing or treating an infestation of bed bugs, visit the links below.


For more information from the MDCH click here.


Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite (pdf)




MRSA BacteriaHow Do You Prevent MRSA Skin Infections?


Staphylococcus aureus is a bacteria that most people refer to as "staph" and are commonly carried on the skin or in the nose of healthy people. Some staph bacteria are resistant to some common antibiotics.  We refer to these resistant bacteria as "MRSA" infections. 


You can take steps to prevent MRSA skin infections by simply practicing good hygiene.


  • Wash your hands often!
  • Keep cuts and scrapes clean and covered with a bandage until healed.
  • Avoid touching other people's wounds or bandages.
  • Avoid sharing personal items such as towels or razors.
  • When at the gym, use a towel or piece of clothing between your skin and the shared equipment.


For more information on MRSA skin infections, visit the following links:


Public Health Fact Sheet - MRSA

MDCH MRSA Information


CDC MRSA Information




Macomb County Water Resources Public Survey


The Macomb County Health Department, along with other county agencies, communities and public schools and universities are working hard to protect, clean up and restore our local lakes, rivers and streams. We are interested in knowing the priorities and concerns of local citizens in regard to protection and restoration of our local water resources. By filling out this survey you will be a part of the decisions that will help protect and restore our lakes, rivers and streams. We thank you and appreciate your help by completing this survey.




Dangers of Raw Milk


Adult Vaccine ProgramMilk and milk products provide many nutritional benefits, but raw milk can harbor dangerous microorganisms.  Raw milk (from cows, sheep or goats) has not been pasteurized.  Drinking raw milk or raw milk products can cause serious illness. 


For more information on the myths and facts surrounding raw milk, please visit the following link:.  


Dangers of Raw Milk (pdf)




Environmental Health Services


Environmental HealthEnvironmental Health Services perform a variety of activities to manage, control and prevent environmental factors that may adversely affect the health of individuals. Activities include food service inspection, well and septic permitting, surface/ground water pollution prevention, and public swimming pool inspection.


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